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Ceramic Square Planter MJ1582

Sizes Available:

19″W x 39″H

14″W x 31″H

COLORS:? Blue, Forest Blue, Forest Green, White

Glazed Planter – B82052

B82052-A 24″W x 24″H
B82052-B 19″W x 20″H
B82052-C 14″W x 17″H
B82052-D 10″W x 11 1/2″

Available Colors:

Glazed Planter – G0113

17″W x 23″H
colors available: blue, mustard green, black or green

Glazed Planter – G0120

Sizes available:

G0120-A 19 3/4″W x 18 1/2″H
G0120-B 13″W x 15 3/4″H
G0120-C 12″W x 11 1/2″H
G0120-D 9 1/2″W x 9 1/2″H

hown in the color Dark Mustard
Please call to inquire about other colors available.

Glazed Planter – G5112T

sizes available:
G5112T-A 29″W x 43″H
G5112T-B 23″W x 35″H
G5112T-C 17″W x 21″H

colors available: blue, green, brown or teal green

Glazed Planter – G5112T Blue

G5112T-A 29″W x 43″H
G5112T-B 23″W x 35″H
G5112T-C 17″W x 21″H

Available Colors: Blue, Green, & Brown

Project: The Manor – Lauderdale by the Sea
Interior Designer – Ariana Ranieri – V Starr Interiors

Glazed Planter – GW1250

GW1250-A 16″W x 33 3/4″H
GW1250-B 11 1/2″W x 25″H

Colors: Creme, Blue or Green

Glazed Planter – GW1305

One of our newest styles of glazed planters
GW1305-A 22″W x 40 1/2″H
GW1305-B 18″W x 28″H

Available in Blue or Green

Glazed Planter – Y2033

Sizes available:
Y2033-A 21″W x 21″H
Y2033-B 15″W x 19″H

Glazed Planter Fountain – G5112T-A

width: 29″, height: 43″

Limited Quantity Available Please Call
Photo was taken at Aventura Town Center

Glazed Pot – G0121

Sizes available:

G0121-A 24″W x 19″H
G0121-B 17″W x 14″H

Glazed Tall Ceramic Planter – G7111

15″W x 37″H

available colors: black, blue, dark mustard or brown

Photo taken at P.F. Changs Restaurant at Mary Brickell Village in Miami.