Rustic Glaze

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Large Round Rustic Planter / No.106

39 1/2″W x 27 1/2″

colors available: Rustic Brown or Rustic Green

Large Rustic Glazed Planter / No.9000

Available in Rustic Green or Rustic Brown

Size: 32″W x 35″H, interior opening: 19 1/2″

Large Rustic Planter / No.6020

This is one of our newest styles. A very nice sized large planter for trees with a unique shape
Available colors: Rustic Green or Rustic Brown
Size: 32″W x 32 1/2″H

Large Rustic Planters / No.5112T

Sizes Available:
No.5112T-A 29″W x 43″H
No.5112T-B 23″W x 35″H

available colors: rustic brown or rustic green

Oval Rustic Glaze Planter / No.9030B

One of our newest items.
Available in three different colors: Rustic Green, Rustic Blue or Rustic Brown

Exterior width: 23 1/2″ x 11 1/2″
Height: 20″

Rustic Glaze Comtemporary Planter / No.9

No.9a – 30″W x 24″H
No.9b – 20″W x 18″H

colors available: rustic brown, rustic yellow or rustic green

Rustic Glazed Contemporary Planter / No.4

Sizes available:
No.4a – 20″W x 40″H
No.4b – 17″W x 31″H

colors: rustic green or rustic brown

Rustic Glazed Planter / No. 3117

Available in Rustic Green and Rustic Brown

3117B – 28 1/2″W x 35 1/2″H, interior opening 24 3/4″
3117C – 20 1/2″W x 28″H, interior opening 17 1/4″

Rustic Glazed Planter / No. 71

15″W x 26″H

colors available: rustic brown, rustic green, or rustic yellow

Rustic Glazed Planter / No.3281

No.3281a 22 1/2″W x 29″H
No.3281b 15″W x 24″H

colors available: rustic green or rustic brown