Rustic Glaze

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Rustic Glazed Planter Bowls / No.9468

Available in Rustic Green or Rustic Brown

9468A 25″W x 18″H
9468B 21″W x 15″H
9468C 16″W x 10″
9468D 12″W x 9″H

Rustic Low Bowl Planter / No.87

Sizes available:
No.87A 39 1/2″W x 16″H
No.87B 33″W x 15″H

colors available: rustic yellow, rustic brown or rustic green

Rustic Planter / No.25

15″W x 35″H
color: Rustic Brown & Rustic Green

Rustic Planter / No.27

top opening: 20″
26″W x 28″H

color available: rustic brown

Rustic Planter / No.329

No.329-A 28″W x 28″H / available in rustic brown or rustic yellow.

No.329-B 19″W x 19″H / available in rustic yellow

Rustic Planter / No.5

sizes available:
No.5a – 26″W x 36″H
No.5b – 20″W x 32″H
No.5c – 17″W x 28″H

Rustic Planter / No.69

Sizes available:
No.69A 31″W x 37″H
No.69B 27″W x 32″H
No.69C 21″W x 27″H

colors available: rustic brown or rustic green

Rustic Rectangular Planter / No.21

Sizes available:

No.21A 8″ x 17″ x 16″
No.21B 5″ x 11″ x 9″
No.21C 9″ x 16″ x 16″

Available colors: Rustic Green or Rustic Brown.

Square Tall Rustic Glaze Planters / No.9127

Available colors: Rustic Blue, Rustic Green and Rustic Brown
9127-A 15 1/2″W x 34″H
9127-B 14 1/2″W x 23 1/2″H

Tall Rustic Planter / No.99

21″W x 63″H

colors available: rustic brown or rustic green